Michael Valli Photographer

#Impala #car #oldschool #spring #martinborough #newzealand

#Impala #car #oldschool #spring #martinborough #newzealand

#auckland #skyline #dawn

#auckland #skyline #dawn

Upper East Side & Central Park

We were lucky enough to call the Upper East Side home for nearly two weeks and enjoyed wandering the streets, eating out at local restaurants and having the odd night cap at some of the local bars. We were also only a few blocks from Central Park, which was fantastic!


Loved this area! Grand Central Station, Times Square and stacks of skyscrapers made this area a bit of a highlight for me. I think what blew me away was the scale. New York is big on a scale I could never have imagined. 


Manhattan & the Brooklyn Bridge

The Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge are two things that I’d been longing to see for years… and they certainly didn’t disappoint! 


World Trade Memorial

World Trade Memorial. The site where the twin towers were brought down all those years ago. From the sound of the rushing water to the silence of everyone there, everything about this place brought you right back down to earth and truly made you reflect on what had happened there.